About 2 black cats create

Welcome to 2 black cats create!

I have been in Print Production and Graphic Design for over 30 years with my company Kosak Services, Inc. and have enjoyed working with many different clients over the years,  Lori Smith Designs, Andrew Kilpatrick, Metro Cash Card, Cityspree, Enjoy The City, BE&K, ZapBam and the Support Committee for the Alabama National Cemetery to name a few.

2black cats create came about as a desire to transition from traditional graphic design and print production into more hand crafted design. The inspiration for the new division of Kosak Services, Inc. comes from two very large black maine coon cats Shadow and Spot. You will see them featured often on the site as they are usually in the middle of anything I am doing and giving as many "helpful" hints as possible. I hope you enjoy my creations and give me an opportunity to create something special for you, your family and friends.

Thanks and have a purrfectly wonderful day!


Creative Everything Officer - aka Mom of the Boys